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The Alligator Hunt 

 Multi-Night Alligator Hunts (Sept. 15- Nov. 1)    

These fully guided wild alligator hunts can only be done at night from boats using harpoons, crossbows, spear guns, and fishing poles. This is by far the most exciting action packed way to hunt wild Florida alligators. Most people love the boat ride just as much as the hunt. If you like action packed hunting all night with never a dull moment, this is the hunt for you. If you are the layed back type of hunter you need to ask about our day hunts, but whatever you like we can help you check gator hunting off your bucket list. 

The single day alligator hunts are a little more laid back than the multi-night boat hunts. The alligator hunts in Florida are primarily done during the day in lakes, ponds, creeks, and the river banks in the Putnam County area.  A crossbow, regular bow, gun, fishing pole, or baited hook is the primary method of harvesting gators on this type of hunt.  

Trophy Florida AlligatorTrophy Florida Gator 2016

Florida Alligator Hunting Options

One great thing about alligator hunts is the variety of options.  In Florida, you can hunt day or night with a variety of weapons.  Whether using a rifle, crossbow, harpoon or archery these prehistoric monsters always make it a challenge! Whether you choose a day hunt or night hunt, regardless of your weapon choice, you will enjoy an adventure of a lifetime.

Alligator Hunting at Night

Although night hunts for Alligators in Florida can be more challenging than a day hunt - adrenaline levels do increase.  Spotlights are used to scan the lakes and swamps for the giant gators and the lack of light creates an eerie excitement to the gator hunt.  There is something about the dark waters and what lurks beneath that make this hunt exciting and a little unnerving at the same time.  Weapon selection is up to the hunter but we will offer some suggestions and additional details about the hunt before you make a weapon selection.  Normally, a successful night gator hunt produces larger gators due to the difficulty in spotting smaller gators at night.  Night hunts offer the added benefit of a reprieve from the Florida daytime heat but make sure to wear bug spray!

Day Hunts

If you are a first time alligator hunter a day hunt may be a good option.  The thrill of seeing alligators in the light of day is something all first time hunters should experience.  Day hunts are a little less intense as well.  You will scan the Florida swamps by boat and when a gator is spotted we will attempt to snag it – that’s when the fight begins.  Once the gator is snagged you will have the opportunity to kill it with your weapon of choice.  Rifle hunts allow for longer shots, 25 to 30 yards, and archery, spear or other methods require getting a little closer.

Bow Hunting Alligators

As with any hunt, an archery hunt is much more challenging for Florida alligators than some of the other weapon options.  Bow hunters will need to be experienced to be successful with this hunt.  Shot distances are usually pretty short with archery hunts but a clean shot is necessary whether it’s a night or day alligator hunt.  A 60 lb. draw is sufficient and you will need a fishing rig attachment.  We recommend practicing precise short shots prior to your hunt.

Rifle Hunts

God's Country rifle gator hunts are only available on day hunts.  This is a great option for first time hunters as rifles allow the hunter the opportunity for longer kill shots.  Many hunters will choose to bring multiple weapons on the hunt, the way a hunt unfolds may dictate which weapon is used in the kill shot on the alligator.  When you contact us about planning your hunt we will answer questions and give advice to help you choose the best weopon options to make your Florida gator hunt exciting and successful!

Florida Alligator Hunt Packages

                 Single Gator Hunt

  • 1 person 2 days/2 nights meals and lodging
  • All equipment, license and tag.
  • Average size 8 to 10 feet
  • Processed quality gator meat ready to cook
  • $3500 hunter ($750 non-hunter)
  • Giant Fee: 10'1"-12' is $1000
  • Monster Fee: 12'1" plus is $2500 

                 Double Up Gator Combo

  • 2 people 3 days/3 nights meals and lodging 
  • All equipment, license and tags
  • Average size 8-10 feet
  • Processed quality gator meat ready to cook 
  • $5500 for package 
  • Giant Fee: 10'1"-12' is $1000
  • Monster Fee: 12'1" plus is $2500                    

One Day Guided Trophy Alligator Hunts / Night Alligator Hunts

$950 per hunter ($250 non-hunter)

  • One day or night guided Florida gator hunting
  • Equipment and tags 
  • *Meals and lodging not included*
  • April though November call for availability 
  • One gator up to 6 feet
  • Trophy Fees:
  • 6'1"- 7'11"  is $500
  • 8'- 9'11"     is $1950
  • 10'-10'11"  is $3450
  • 11'-11'11"  is $4450
  • 12'-12'11"  is $6450
  • 13' plus call for pricing 


All hunts include transporting your gator to our local taxidermy (If you intend to use your own taxidermy we need to make arrangements before the hunt)

Taxidermy is available. Additional fees apply. Additional meat may be purchased also. 

Alligator trapping agent license is required and can be bought at stores or online for $51.50. Purchase here

American Alligator Facts

Florida Gator Hunting

Florida Alligator Size
Although male alligators in Florida can become quite large, female alligators rarely exceed 10 feet in length. The Florida state record for a gator is a 14 foot 3-1/2 inch male alligator from Lake Washington and the Florida weight record for an alligator is a 1,043 pound. Our alligator hunts will probably not produce trophy gators of this size, but you never know!

The most exciting gator hunts we offer are night hunts, which is partially due to what is know as alligator eye-shine. The distinctive eye-shine of an alligator is caused by a layer of cells called the tapetum lucidum. The layer is situated behind the photoreceptor cells in the retina and reflects light back, which increases the amount of light the alligator eye can detect. This dramatically improves an alligator's vision in low light conditions, which is why gators are more active at night. There’s nothing like spotting the ghostly eye-shine from a gator in the moonlight – that’s when the hunt begins!

Alligators are cold blooded and they need external sources, heat & cold, to regulate their body temperature. Florida alligators may maintain their body temperature by moving to warm or cool water areas or bask in the sun on a clear day. In Florida, Alligators become more active at times when temps are 82° to 92°. Florida alligator often stop eating when temperatures drop below 70° F and they become somewhat sluggish when temps drop below 55° F. During the winter months in Florida, alligators are mostly dormant and can be found in dens or “alligator holes” but they will emerge at times to bask in the sun.


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