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Thermal Hog Hunts Florida | Night Hog Hunts


This Thermal wild hog hunting adventure is unlike any guided hunt you have ever experienced.  The Thermal hunts take place at night, which adds an element of excitement to the hunt. Wild boar are more active at night so your thermal hunts are great for hunters looking for a lot of shooting action.

We use top of the line thermal equipment to locate the wild pigs and thermal scopes for the shooting.

On a good night hunt, you will have a number of encounters with wild hogs. Shot distances vary from close range, to 200 yards long shots.  This is a true spot and stalk hunt in the dark of night!

Fully guided night thermal Hunts

Price Per Hunter = $450

We provide all equipment

Meet at the camp at dark 

Rifle hunt

Shoot on the range with the guide to get a feel for the equipment

These are a spot and stalk style hunt. Around the farm fields, cattle pastures, baited areas and feeders. 

Hunt lasts 4 hours

This hunt provides a very high success rate because hogs are more active at night

Price $450 per hunter

A night thermal pig hunt is a great option if you are considering buying some thermal equipment. We have the equipment for you to try out before spending thousands of dollars on thermal hunting scopes.

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