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Osceola Turkey Hunting Outfitter

Osceola Turkey Hunting Outfitter


The Florida Osceola turkey hunt is one of the hardest hunts and turkeys to kill. We've had a 98% success rate the past 16 seasons and this year we have been preparing and working very hard to keep the success rate up. There have been several birds seen already this year. If you are looking for a great hunt with some wonderful people this is the place for you.

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Our Osceola Turkey Hunts Include

Our Osceola Turkey Hunts Include

  • 3 days of turkey hunting
  • Full lodging
  • Home cooked southern food
  • One on One fully guided
  • Transportation during the hunt

Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Hunting gear
  • License
  • Taxidermy fees

Turkey Hunting Packages:

  • Email, Text or Call for Pricing

($1000 non-refundable deposit at time of booking per hunter)

(Tipping rate is 20% of your total cost for your guide/crew) 

We have a 98% success rate for the 2008-2023 seasons!

Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting Season:

3rd Saturday in March through the 4th Sunday in April every spring.

Osceola Turkey Hunting Video

Information on Osceola Turkeys

Information on Osceola Turkeys

The Osceola Turkey (The Florida wild Turkey) is similar to the eastern but smaller, darker in color and are only found in the peninsula of Florida. They are named after the famous Seminole Chief, who led his tribe against the Americans in a 20 year war beginning in 1835. Click here for North American Wild Turkey map.

Notice on the map that we are right in the heart of the wild Osceola range. We find a lot of people think Osceola's are just found in Southern Florida. Fact is, there is fantastic Osceola hunting in North Central Florida. View the image to see where God's Country Outfitters is located.

God's Country Outfitters is located in San Mateo, Florida (Image Copyright 2012, God's Country Outfitters)

Average day of Osceola Turkey hunting with GCO

Average day of Osceola Turkey hunting with GCO

Arrive at the camp after lunch, get settled in, head to the range to double check patterns, maybe try to go get on an Osceola that afternoon or go roost an Osceola for the next morning, and then finish up with a home cooked meal. Start out early the next morning for some Osceola Turkey Hunting; we use either store bought, man made blinds or the run and gun style. It all depends on the guide, hunter, and the area you will be hunting. In the mornings the birds respond well to decoys and a little calling. Most of the Osceolas are killed in the mornings.

After the morning hunt we will return to the camp for a good breakfast and relax, or return to the woods for a mid day sit. In the midday and afternoon hunts, we set up on travel area between feeding areas and where the bird roosts.

The Osceola turkeys do not respond well to calling after the morning hunt is over, so we will head back to camp for a delicious home cooked meal hot, ready and waiting.

Our guides are great turkey callers and know the area very well. Two of our guides are champion custom turkey call makers. We have over a dozen trail cameras running in the woods most of the time, so we can see where the gobblers are and what their patterns are.

We have a local taxidermist that does great work, so you can leave your turkey here and he will ship it to you after it is mounted. We also have guns (set up just for turkey hunting) for you to use if you do not want to worry about bringing one with you.

Our Goal is to make sure that you kill your Florida Osceola turkey and have one of the best hunting trips of your life!