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Princess Hog Buster.....At it Again! And Again!! And Again!!!

Princess Hog Buster.....At it Again!  And Again!!  And Again!!!

August 26, 2019 by

This is the fourth year that Princess Hog Buster and Mr. Charles have shared their summer vacation with us and I'd say the catchy hunting name that she has given herself has brought her pounds of hog meat luck this time around!  These folks sampled all of the different kinds of hog hunting styles that God's Country Outfitters has to offer all at once; I call it a trippel-tizer!

 They started out with a thermal hog hunt and Princess Hog Buster shot her down a nice meat hog at the start of the night!  She was not disappointed!  It was a great start to a week of camping on the beaches of St. Augustine while hunting wild swine in the evening in the beauty of God's Country.  I don't think it gets much better than that!

The next hunt they wanted to experience was hog hunting with the dogs.  This is my all-time personal favorite and I think these folks can vouch as to why it's so exciting!


LOOK AT THE TEETH ON THAT MONSTER!!!!  Another stud of a boar hog!

And last, but not least Princess Hog Buster and Mr. Charles were able to enjoy watching the Florida wildlife from a peaceful tree stand anticipating for another wild hog to show itself.  I'd say they have enough pork to last them until they come back next Summer!  Princess Hog Buster and Mr. Charles, it is always a pleasure and we look forward to hunting with you again soon; until then, PORK UP!!

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