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Gator Season 2019 is Now in Session!

Gator Season 2019 is Now in Session!

August 20, 2019 by

        The first few days of this year's gator season have been a success!  The weather was not on our side those first few days, but with the expertise of the guides and boat captains at God's Country Outfitters the hunters were able to come out on top with some whopping lizards to show off!

1. It's a family affair!  

        Jessica, Matthew, and Josh went out for a night gator hunt while Stella and Addi slept through the windy weather back at the GCO lodge.  R.T. said if something could not go as planned... it did on this night!  The lake was white capping and the wind was howling, but the crew said they had such an awesome time!  The weather plays a huge part in all types of hunting, but the luck of Minnesota must have been with these fortunate folks.  The girls were able to wake up to two BIG reptilicious surprises!

2. Team Work!

        Here at God's Country Outfitters we believe in working together!  It was another nasty night out on the lake with 3 foot white capping swells!  That is some intense boat riding on the river if you know what I'm talking about.  Shonda has wanted to go gator hunting for years and she was finally able to check it off of her bucket list.

        Two, boat crews were out scouting for gators on this windy night, but once again the fortunes of God's Country blessed this happy hunter with two more tremendous Florida Alligators!

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