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Pigman Comes to Town!

Pigman Comes to Town!

September 14, 2019 by

Pigman gettin' it done with a daytime gator hunt.

Charles told Pigman that he wouldn't kill a bigger alligator on a night hunt and Pigman bet him that if they did, Charles would have to shave off the beard!

Well.... needless to say.... Charles lost the bet!


Look at that babyface!


Not only is Pigman absolutely hilarious, an expert professional hunter, and evidently a barber, but he's also great with kids!  He and Matt went and spent the day at Charlie Jo's school and took pictures with the kids and teachers.

Just when you think you can't love these guys anymore, Pigman, Matt, and the GCO crew took the family out for a boat ride.  It was a beautiful evening on the river and it made some memories with the girls that they will surely never forget.  And this is what life is all about.  Come get a little glimpse of heaven here in God's Country.

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