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Bowfishing Charters Florida - Night Fishing

Guided Bowfishing in Florida

Guided Bowfishing in Florida

Bowfishing charters at God's Country Outfitters bring a different sort of entertainment to your fishing experience. Our boat captains & guides are experienced and will ensure that you and your party have a great time out on the water.  This is a non-stop action packed adventure! 
The river is absolutely beautiful at night and the weather is even better.  Make it a competition as to who can shoot the most fish between your buddies or just keep it chill and master the art of shooting underwater.  Whatever your preference we are sure to make your bowfishing experience a memorable one!

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Bowfishing Night Charter

Bowfishing at Night in Florida

There is nothing more exciting than chasing giant gar and other species in the heart of the Florida night. Our night fishing trips embark out on the river in fully equipped boats with all of the gear necessary to have a successful night of bowfishing.  God's Country Outfitters has state of the art equipment with amazing underwater lights attached all around the boats.  This makes the targets much more visible for shooting.  There are numerous opportunities to shoot a lot of fish at night because our guides know right where they are! Bow fishing at night brings an extra challenge to hunters because a target under the water can be a little deceiving, especially at night!

What is bowfishing?

What is bowfishing? How does it work?

Bow Fishing is like a combination of hunting and fishing. We use compound & recurve bows, with arrows that have a string and a reel attached to them. The trips take place at night and when you find game, you shoot the fish and then reel it in! The fish range in size from 56 inch gar to small mullet which make it a fun challenge to hit.  The best time of year for bow fishing in Florida is in the spring and winter.  Always a ton of opportunities to shoot, but a fun challenge to hit an underwater target!

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Bowfishing Charter Packages are $250 per person - Group size 3-5 People

All Inclusive Packages Include:

  • 4 hour guided trip
  • All equipment included
  • Florida freshwater fishing license required

Targeted Species: Gar, Tilapia, Catfish, Mullet, Carp